Will the limits on the power of the federal government be maintained?

Charlotte schnieders

Jefferson city

Mr. Editor:

After World War II, the Nuremberg Code (1947) established principles of medical ethics that protected the rights of individuals to “control their own bodies” and to avoid experimentation by force and deception. Unvaccinated people make “informed decisions” by reading the theses of top virologists, who have warned of the dangers of vaccines, death! Questions: If “vaccines work”, why do vaccinees get and die from the virus, do they have to protect themselves with masks and worry about the unvaccinated? Why would you need boosters with each variant? Why is President Biden sending unvaccinated “infected illegals” to GOP states, invading hospitals and then denying monoclonal antibodies to states that help cure them? Can the federal government initiate mandates that should be rights of states?

The Supreme Court affirmed the government’s power to mandate vaccines in 1905 with Jacobson v. Massachusetts and the related case, Prince v. Massachusetts, but only applied to “state power” and provided no precedent for Biden’s federal tenure. Just because states and school boards can require smallpox vaccines does not mean the federal government can require COVID-19 vaccines. Is it okay for a president to do something illegal to control people’s behavior? Biden’s haste to buy millions of boosters backfired when the FDA rejected them 16-2.

Biden has had a bad month. NATO allies and angry Americans have left people behind in Afghanistan. His “Over the Horizon” intelligence killed 10 innocent Afghans. Upset France breaking an agreement on submarines. Chaos at the border, raising trillions in taxes, speeding up citizenship for migrants, causing higher inflation! Mandate vaccinations cause shortages of hospital staff and nursing homes!

White House press secretary Jen Psaki told Fox News reporter Peter Doocy that the 14,000 illegal migrants were only here for a short time! As if they were taking a vacation and going back to Haiti. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Majorkas continuously declares that the border is closed and that there is no problem! With Biden’s approval numbers plummeting – Democrats worried about the 2022 elections, 320 illegal immigrants were sent back to Haiti on Sunday – far from the more than 14,000! Since immigration officials will not divide families, many are abandoned in cities across the country.

The real test of our Constitution and our rule of law comes in times of crisis, such as immigration and health caused by this administration. Will the limits of the power of the federal government be maintained or will we lose our country?

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