We are a parliamentary democracy governed by a written constitution

COMMENT | We have not had a parliamentary session since the formation of the new government.

The Prime Minister who was Home Minister in the previous government and who was Deputy Prime Minister in the government before it found it necessary to prorogue Parliament until May 18. It will sit for one day and then be adjourned again.

Why is he doing this? The widespread belief is that he does not want a motion of censure brought forward against him. He is now working feverishly to consolidate his majority in parliament. Positions in government-linked companies (GLC) are handed out like candy.

These positions come with generous emoluments and considerable advantages, privileges and prestige. Qualifications and experience relevant to the position are not considered necessary. All MPs are qualified to lead the GLC, a PAS politician said.

The Prime Minister at the launch of the economic stimulus package acknowledged that his government was not the government the people elected and pledged to be a prime minister for all Malaysians.

We are a democracy and in a democracy we elect our representatives to parliament and state assemblies. The party that enjoys the confidence of the majority will form the government and elect the prime minister. We need a stable government of our choice in power, and we need a government that serves the people.

There is also a role for the opposition in a parliamentary system. Because of the confinement …

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