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BengaluruL Former chief minister Siddaramaiah on Wednesday demanded a reduction in the tourist tax and sales tax on gasoline and diesel in Karnataka and suggested the price be lowered more than in Tamil Nadu, to alleviate the public.

“The rise in the price of oil from Rs 70 to Rs 130 over a short period is abnormal. I can still understand if it was Rs 10 or Rs 20. I demand a reduction in sales tax from 35% to 15% “said Siddaramaiah, who is the leader of the opposition, said during a debate on the price hike in the Karnataka Assembly.

He added that taxes on diesel should be reduced from 74 percent to 50 percent.

Siddaramaiah cited the example of the government of Tamil Nadu, which had cut fuel prices by three Rs. “Our reduction in fuel prices should be more than that,” he said.

The assembly witnessed heated exchanges between the ruling parties and the opposition during the debate over the price hike, initiated by the LoP Siddaramaiah, who accused the BJP state and central governments of indulging to “criminal booty”.

Siddaramaiah also accused the government of “neglecting” the holding of assembly sessions, pointing out that the legislature session was being held after a six-month hiatus.

“The prices of all commodities have reached the sky, be it rice, pulses, cement, iron, gas, gasoline, diesel … Prices have continued to rise. the last two years. The situation is such that the common man and the middle class people are unable to lead their lives, ”said Siddaramaiah.

The party leader of the Legislative Assembly of Congress said the price hike was due to the Indian government increasing “exponentially” additional excise duties on gasoline, diesel and gas.

“They (BJP) blame international crude oil prices for rising fuel prices. The price of crude oil has fallen to $ 69 per barrel from $ 120. Yet a liter of gasoline costs Rs 106 and diesel will reach soon Rs 100 “, he added. he said, as he compared prices when the UPA was in power and now.

The Center has not passed the benefit of falling crude oil prices on the international market to consumers here, he argued.

Contradicting the argument about the debt position and oil bonds, he said, “They (BJP) say the previous government borrowed huge oil loans / bonds. Excise duty of Rs 1.21 lakh crore went to the Center. ”

Opposing Siddaramaiah’s argument, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister JC Madhuswamy questioned the need to discuss the issue in the assembly as decisions on it are made by the Center.

“Is it a speech from Parliament or a speech from the Assembly?” I have the impression that you forgot and that you went to Parliament. Can we discuss or debate issues or decisions related to central government or parliament here? How can the state government respond to it? He asked, leading to another round of verbal fights between the opposition and the treasury banks.

In response, Siddaramaiah said he was not bringing charges against the Prime Minister or the Center and was aware that they could not respond to the assembly, but was only presenting the facts.

“Are over 6.5 million people in Karnataka unaffected by the price hike? What should we say to them as public officials? Isn’t that our responsibility? Can we keep it? the silence ?” he asked, and said if everyone was in agreement, he was in favor of sending a resolution to the Center on the issue of rising prices.

Siddaramaiah, during his speech, stressed that there had been no legislative session in the past six months and accused the government of “negligence” in convening the session to discuss the problems faced by the people.

While Madhuswamy cited COVID-19 as a reason for not calling the session, Siddaramaiah asked “How did Parliament work then? You are using Corona as a shield. It is because of your internal issues (at BJP) that session doesn’t work?” ‘was not called. “

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