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The loans currently in progress are becoming too many and you find it hard to sustain the installments of each because they are too many to pay? There is a solution in cases where you want to solve all previous loans in an easy and practical way, ie the debt consolidation loan up to 50000 USD, accessible thanks to Violin. Entrust yourself now to our company that has been operating in this sector for over ten years throughout the Italian territory, always available to customers.

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Through the debt consolidation loan, you have the option to pay off the debts of multiple loans you have through a single monthly installment,  thus reducing payments and monthly commitments and having the possibility of receiving additional liquidity, additional to that useful for paying off previous loans. Through this loan consolidation debt, you can then pay off all your previous loans and merge them into a single installment that is usually always lighter.

You will also be able to increase the loan term for debt consolidation up to 120 months, or 10 years. Usually, the maximum amount that can be requested varies according to the profile of the applicant but is around30000 USD. You have the option of also asking for the loan consolidation debts bad payers.

Debt Consolidation Loan: Why Request It?

Debt Consolidation Loan: Why Request It?

This debt consolidation loan online can be of real help because it allows you to reduce the applicant’s monthly commitments. It also allows you to reduce the total amount of monthly installments to be repaid up to 40%. You have the option of requesting the loan to consolidate debts and liquid assets, thus obtaining a new amount that can be used for other additional expenses or to is kept. You can also ask instead for the debt consolidation loan with Crif signaling, which will allow you to request liquidity to be able to resolve some commitments, if not all. For this financing it is a fast debt consolidation loan, therefore the wait will not belong to obtain the liquidity you require.

Debt Consolidation Loan: When to apply for it?

Debt Consolidation Loan: When to apply for it?

It is not advised to immediately apply for a single installment debt consolidation loan if you have just started another credit. Instead, it is advisable to wait until you have paid at least 10/12 installments of the last loan, before applying for this consolidation loan. The loan consolidation debt more liquidity is important to request when you realize that you have several commitments that you can no longer support, so as to unify everything in one installment and lighten the monthly load. It is important, however, not to make this choice too late, thus arriving at late or badly paying some installments. This will, therefore, allow you to enter the Crif database asbad payer, no longer allowing you to apply for this loan consolidation debt 120 months.

Debt Consolidation Loan: Who Can Request It?

Debt Consolidation Loan: Who Can Request It?

The debt consolidation loan is reserved for all customers as long as they are regular in the database. Therefore, employees, pensioners and the self-employed who have regularly and regularly paid all the loan installments in progress can access the loan ; It not has been reported as a bad payer in database CRIF, experian or database CTC ; the last loan must not have been on for less than eight months and not ask for too high figures as at the moment the maximum amount that can be requested for debt consolidation is 30000 USD. There is also the loan consolidation debts for foreigners, which are not excluded in obtaining this loan provided with a clean credit history. Debt consolidation quote: Click here and fill out the contact form now, entrust our experts!

Loan Consolidation Debts: What to do if a bad payer?

In the case of negative reports as a bad payer or a protest, Viloan has the solution! If you are a permanent employee with a public, state or private company (srl, spa, cooperative) or a pensioner with a monthly income of at least 600 USD, you can apply for a debt consolidation loan even if they are reported, so this is a type of personal financing, called cession of the fifth. Once you’ve seen the debt consolidation loan declined, you don’t have as many possibilities, so the fifth assignment allows you to get new liquidity for a maximum of 30000 USD that will help you to close the other loans and the loan installment will be taken automatically from payroll or pension, this could lighten the weight, also allowing you not to have to promptly remember to make the payment which is automatic.

So the debt consolidation loan to protested is possible, but under another name that still allows you to get good liquidity. Therefore if the consolidation of Astro Finance debts, consolidating debts One loan, consolidation Good Finance debts, debt consolidation Cleopar, consolidating debts banking, consolidation of zaloan debts, was rejected, request a free estimate without obligation with us. Fill out the form accessible through this link:  Click here and fill out the contact form now, entrust our experts!

Debt Consolidation Loan: What happens if I don’t pay the installments?

If you do not pay the debt consolidation loan installments the consequences could be very high. It starts first with the default interest and unpaid installments. Consequently, the reporting in the Crif, Eurisc and Experian databases starts and therefore it will be very difficult to obtain other funding.  If you continue not to pay, you will receive continuous calls and letters from a collection company, to receive a visit from a debt collector who will try to get you to sign checks or bills. You can then go to foreclosure, in this case, they can confiscate your salary, pension or property owned.

This does not exclude the guarantor who is involved in the recovery of the credit and the attachments may also be addressed to him. For delays, reporting within the databases is 12 or 24 months, while for unsold loans the waiting time is 36 months, obviously from the payment of the unpaid installments. For unpaid loans, you can use the outstanding balance .

Debt Consolidation Loan: Do You Need the Guarantor?

If you have a lot of funding to pay off or at least a few but very high and therefore the amount to be consolidated is high, the figure of a guarantor may be required, but this is not necessary. You have a greater chance of being asked for the additional signature of a guarantor if in your previous loans there has always been or if in any case analyzing the practice they realize that the guarantees that you can provide, are not sufficient for them.

Loan Consolidation Debts: What documents do I need?

To request the debt consolidation loan, the documents needed to assess the feasibility of the case are the income and identity sheets of the applicant, and in the case of the guarantor as well. For documents relating to income we talk about payroll envelopes, cuds, payslips and so on. Furthermore, since it is a loan for the extinction of existing debts, copies of the current financing contracts will also be used, which will also be useful for quantifying the maximum useful amount.

Debt Consolidation Loan: 5 useful tips

Debt Consolidation Loan: 5 useful tips

  1. Always check, before proceeding that the financial company you are about to contact has this type of loan product that you can offer.
  2. If the commitments in progress are so many or very high, always try to involve a guarantor, whenever possible.
  3. In the case of a guarantor ‘s signature, however, make sure that the latter is regular in the various databases and that he also does not already have many other commitments with different loans and also that he has not been promptly requested and / or obtained a loan.
  4. Do not immediately request debt consolidation, but wait before having repaid at least 8/10 installments of the last loan.
  5. Always request a quote, which is free and without obligation, in order to verify the actual advantage, therefore in addition to the reduction of the monthly installments to be reimbursed with respect to the new liquidity you will get, it also checks the new conditions that have been applied to the loan, or TAN (Nominal Annual Rate) and APR (Effective Global Annual Rate).

If you have any doubts, click here and go to the ” Have a question ” section. A page will open in which you will find lots of questions asked by users who, like you, needed clarity and confirmation. At the bottom you will find a box in which to insert your question.

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