Pakistani federalism and parliamentary democracy crumble, senator says as Imran’s woes deepen

Pakistani Senator Mian Riza Rabbani said on Wednesday that federalism and parliamentary democracy are gradually crumbling in the country, noting that meetings of the Common Interests Council (ICC) are not convened regularly, despite being the backbone of the federal system, The Dawn reported. The senator was speaking at a national conference on “Making Pakistani Federalism Work; lessons from the government’s response to Covid-19 ”organized by Democracy Reporting International (DRI).

He acknowledged that efforts are being made to replace the current federal parliamentary democratic system with a “quasi-presidential system”. He stressed that there was an urgent need to strengthen the existing federal coordination mechanism within the framework of the ICC, instead of forming a new extra-constitutional forum like the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), which will only hamper business in the system.

SC criticizes Pakistani government for delay of ICC meeting

This development comes a day after a Supreme Court bench criticized Imran Khan’s government for delaying ICC meetings. Judge Qazi Faez Isa observed that “are good deeds kept secret? as he added that the Pakistani government does not understand the need to lead the ICC, as the meeting was a basic requirement to lead the country.
“Either the government is unable to run the country or it is unable to make decisions,” the SC told the Pakistani government.

Now Senator Rabbani has observed that ICC meetings are not called regularly despite being the linchpin of the federal system, adding that all matters on the Federal Legislative List Part II are decided by Cabinet. , which is in violation of the Constitution, ANI cited the Dawan as a report.

Meanwhile, referring to the power supply to Balochistan, Senator Dr Jehanzeb Jamaldini said that if a damaged gas pipeline that supplies gas outside Balochistan is repaired within hours, why the power line in Quetta is- it damaged and went unrepaired for weeks, he asked. DRI organized this meeting in collaboration with the British government’s Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO). The conference brought together legal and government experts from the federal capital and provinces as well as Pakistani lawmakers.

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