LETTER: Federal government squandered its credibility | Letters

The federal government wasted

Endless witch hunts seeking to blame rather than solve our difficulties, dramatic about-faces on COVID, constant scandals, self-centered behavior, incessant bickering, inability to address our concerns and a more holy attitude that you among our legislators have destroyed the credibility of the legislature.

Excessive use of executive orders, the power to clarify the application of existing law but not to create a new law, personal misconduct unworthy of the commander-in-chief, promotion of open insurgency, reckless disregard of constitutional constraints and the pursuit of personal agendas to the detriment of national needs have destroyed the credibility of the presidency.

And the refusal to make tough decisions on controversial issues has weakened the courts.

Dear friends, our federal government is failing us.

We have the opportunity to correct this failure with every election, but we no longer collect information and formulate our own conclusions. Increasingly biased mass media tell us what to believe and allow artists and athletes to tell us how to think.

Then when things go wrong, we take no responsibility.

But government oversight rests with voters. Please vote knowingly.

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