How to save in December?

December is a month that invites you to have fun, enjoy and therefore spend money. Convivios, parties, family lunches and dinners, Christmas gifts and endless expenses come together in those 31 days. Therefore, thinking about saving in December seems an impossible task, although it is possible.

But the reality is that many times that extra salary is already committed to late payments. Therefore, we must be clear about the money we have and what we can spend.

Seeing this panorama seems complicated to find some way to save, but with a little planning and making good decisions, you can spend a happy Christmas and free, or almost, of economic pressures and debts.

Tips to save in December

Tips to save in December

Make a budget

Having income and expenses considered is important since the beginning of the year. But in December, having a budget is even more important because it is a month that stands out for the amount of expenses to be faced. It will also be important to really know what amount you have available to spend. That will be key not to fall into debts that can be a heavy burden in the future.

Meet your budget

It is useless to have organized how much we are going to enter and how much we can spend if we do not stick to it later. Therefore, if in your budget you have items for spending, saving, unforeseen or other purposes, fulfill that.

Beware of credit cards

Credit cards can be an important help at a given time where we don’t have money but we need to make a purchase or payment. But like all indebtedness, it must be done carefully. If we use this payment method to meet an expense, we must be clear that it is really necessary and we can pay it as soon as the cutoff date arrives. Be very careful with making large disbursements, which then generate interest that we can drag a long time and will hit our financial health for a long time.

Compare prices

December is a time of shopping, so the amount of offer for the same product or service is multiplied. For that reason it will be important to compare prices before making a purchase decision.

Take into account internet to buy

Take into account internet to buy

Online shopping has more and more followers in Guatemala, and the reality is that there are products that are much more attractive for price when purchased online. Therefore, when quoting a product do not forget to take into account the possibility of buying online. But beware, if your order must be for a date designated as Christmas, with the increase in orders on these dates your gift may not arrive on time. So if you decide this way of purchase, place your orders in time.

Buy in advance

With the increase in consumption, the cost of some products increases in price in December. For this reason, it will be important to plan and buy products and gifts that we will need on these dates several months in advance.

Get organized to spend less

Get organized to spend less

We all like to give us many things for Christmas. But the consumerism of these dates can lead families to borrow. It’s not about stopping to enjoy the holidays and cheer up the family with gifts. But you can organize games like the “secret migo” so that everyone has their gift but at a lower cost. Draw a raffle for each person to give to another with a set maximum price. Each person’s personal finances will thank you. Let’s leave out the little ones who are the most excited about these dates and are waiting for many gifts.

Make lists with the things you need

Many times we want gifts because we feel like a new watch or fashion clothes. But when making our list of gifts we can take into account things that we really need and that at some point we will have to buy. This will help to save a safe future expense by taking advantage of the goodness of our family and friends.

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