Faced with the ax, the representative of the DAP wants the maintenance of the constitutional monarchy

Pakatan Harapan and DAP should uphold the spirit of constitutional monarchy, according to executive advisor Johor Tan Hong Pin.

The statement from the Skudai assembly member comes amid speculation that he and Mazlan Bujang of Bersatu are being ditched as exco members. Sources said Malaysiakini that both are not in the right books at Johor Palace.

“I hope that the reshuffle of the exco-state will benefit the people and not other parties with special interests.

“The reorganized state leadership should be better, bold and steadfast in promoting Harapan’s reform agenda for the benefit of the Johoreans.

“I hope that the leaders of the DAP and Harapan, at a critical time of national transformation, can insist on the spirit of constitutional monarchy and the deepening of democratic reforms,” ​​Tan said in a statement.

A day before Dr Sahruddin Jamal was sworn in, it was reported that the ruler of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, had made a prerequisite for the new menteri besar – the overhaul of the exco.

Sahruddin (Photo), who replaced Osman Sapian as menteri besar, also said there would be changes but said it was fitting for a new leader to pick their squad.

In his statement, Tan also referred to the legacy to be left to future generations.

“Would Malaysia be a free and equal country or would there be only a surface election without democratic substance or a constitutional country without the spirit of the constitution?”

“We must ensure that our future generations live with dignity and are not intimidated by the oligarchy,” he added.

Tan, who said he would let the DAP leadership decide his fate, added that he had not yet received any news regarding his status as an exco member.

“If I am replaced, I would be the first exco to be dropped mid-term since the DAP became a member of government, starting with Penang and Selangor.

“I don’t know what is the reason for this (being abandoned). Should I be proud or saddened to hold such a historic record?” He asked.

In 2017, Tan, who was then a member of the Mengkibol assembly, had publicly at variance with Sultan Ibrahim on the latter not wanting the deliberations of the state assembly to be broadcast live.

Tan, who later became the exco responsible for the local council’s science and technology portfolio, was also embroiled in the controversy involving a local councilor from Iskandar Puteri, who issued an official letter from the government in Mandarin and English.

The letter drew criticism from Sultan Ibrahim. Sunbathe later Explain that the letter was also in BM, but that only the Mandarin and English versions were disseminated on social networks.

The representative of the DAP also had to publicly apologize on behalf of another local councilor in the Municipality of Pontian after the latter attacked the royalty of Johor over the declassification of Pulau Kukup as a national park and the attempt to transform it into sultanate land.

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