The Latest Occurrences with the Alberta Government

In the past few weeks, it has been duly noted that the employment rate in Canada as diminished and quite a large portion of the total population has been rendered jobless. On March 22nd, most of the laid off workers in Alberta spoke their minds and said that the federal changes to the budget do not have that much of an impact on their unemployment problem at hand.

From the current affairs software, it is noted that with the exception of Edmonton, all of Alberta is faced with this problem and most citizens came forward to say that regardless of the fact that they have been off their jobs in the last few months, they are still expected to carter for their own needs and those of their families. One of the measures that has proved to offer fruitful results in taking care of the problem is the El program that has cut down the two-week waiting period for benefits to one week and has added $19 million to speed up the process of benefit application.

In some areas, some claimants are allowed to work and simultaneously collect their benefits hence they are able to carter for their needs more efficiently. This means that the Alberta Government will create more of a wage benefit rather than the employment benefit to those that are just back at work.

You may have heard about the Alberta advantage or rather the exception of taxes to businesspersons that are running the small businesses. Well, though this may have lightened the load of the hard economic times over the past few years, its impact in the past few months has not had much of an influence. 

Alberta was once referred to as the one province in Canada where businesses tend to thrive more. Though taxation may seem the problem at hand for entrepreneurs, take a look at the bigger picture- government deficits, red-tape measures and on top of it all, unemployment concerns are matters at hand that need to be taken care of and this needs to be done fast for the better. 

It is also worth mentioning that whereas resuscitating the Alberta advantage, the intensity of its impact on the economy of the province will not be that noticeable and this therefore calls for a major emergency surgery or it will be lost for good. To see to it that this program is as it was, business groups are coming together to discuss a solution they deem fit to take care of the problem. To keep up to date with Alberta’s economic state, check out the Current Affairs software


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