How the Canadian Government is shaping up in 2016

The Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had made many promises as a part of his campaign. One of his promises was to make changes to the electoral policy. 

He promised to change the way that the people elect their federal governments. This has been the first problem that the government has inflicted on itself. 

Even though it has decided to come up with two plans to resolve this issue, the government seems to proceed without a referendum, which seems to be the first mistake of the government in 2016. 

In the budget recently announced, there seems to be a lot of spending involved. Many people believe that even though spending is okay, spending only has to be done on top priority things and the government has to make a proper top priority list. 

Canada’s economy which has been on the rocks will have to wait and see whether these spendings may uplift or affect the state of their economy.